advanced camp

Advanced Film Camp (June 25 – June 29)

The Advanced Film Camp In this intensive hands-on course where students work with movie making advisors on-set as they write, produce, direct, film, edit and master a short film.

If you’re a student looking to create a film to challenge you, for your reel, or to test the waters on what it’s like to work as a professional filmmaker…this is the camp! Talk and interact with industry professionals and create a short film all while learning advanced film techniques. See LAST YEAR’S FILMS (first 4 films).

Adavnced Film Camp Requirements

Experience with Video Camera : 80%

Interest in Film : 85%

Imagination : 90%

Hard Working : 85%

Works with a Team : 75%


Please click the link to the right to register your student for the Advanced Festival Film Camp.