The Underground Academy of Cinematic Arts offers semester courses in Film, Film Studies, and Broadcast Journalism. Students in high school and/or between the ages of 15-19 are eligible to register for classes. Students who come through the program can apply for flexible art credit through the State of Ohio. The Underground is currently pursuing college credit with partnering universities.

Cinematic Arts School – Opening Fall 2019

The Underground’s Cinematic Arts School will open in September of 2019. Courses will be offered after school from 3:30 to 5:30 pm on Monday/Wednesday and Tuesday/Thursday.

  • Fall Semester. Fall semester runs for 12 weeks between September and November.
  • Spring Semester. Spring semester runs for 12 weeks between January and March.


The Underground provides both computers and camera equipment. Students are welcome to use their own computers as long as they have access to the Adobe Creative Suite for editing.


Cost for tuition is $600 per course.

Award Recognition

All films created in The Underground’s courses are eligible for entry into the Golden Lion Awards High School Film Festival. For more information, visit